"...A simple, rapid approach to lasting happiness that fills your life with meaning and success”

Hello, my friend...

Did you ever feel excited and sure that you'd  finally figured out how to be happy forever, until something went wrong the next day?

Do you often feel overwhelmed and stressed, rushing from one responsibility to another, instead of enjoying your life?

Have you ever felt deep meaning in something new, only to ask later, "Remind me how I got myself into this?"

If this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place.

It’s well established that happiness is a major factor in success, no matter how you define it.

How you feel also drives how much meaning you experience in life.

It's an ingredient in all warmhearted emotions.

That's why there's no such thing as meaningless joy, love or kindness!

If you're unhappy, it's hard to feel warmhearted at all. So:

Happiness, meaning and success are all connected.

I built this site because the most popular methods people use to lasting happiness fail or take forever.

Complex approaches to attaining lasting happiness don't work.

Based on 30-years of experience, I want to give you a much simpler, faster, more effective alternative.

The greatest secret to lasting happiness has been known for thousands of years..

But until recently it has gone under the radar in our culture.  

You only need a handful of ultra-powerful, time-tested things to do and know – with a few modern enhancements.

If you want to get off the emotional roller coast and board the bullet train to lasting happiness, deep meaning and effortless success, I encourage you to keep reading...

Let's start with the world's oldest question.

What's the Meaning of Life?

Humans have been debating this question forever, but haven't reached a consensus.

At this point, the Meaning of Life seems to be… are you ready?

A matter of opinion.

I would never tell you how to define the Meaning of Life to you, but...

I'll bet it's what makes you happiest.

Maybe it's helping others, finding love, or living up to a religious or moral code.

But it goes back to happiness.

Along with lasting happiness, we all want success.

Maybe it’s making millions, raising great kids, serving your country or community... whatever you decide.  

Unfortunately, most us were raised on a myth:

That lasting happiness can be earned only by achieving your goals.

But you also have to learn happiness as a skill.

You have to recognize that it's already within you.

Then you bring it to the forefront of your life.

How happy are you? Here's how to tell

Are you sick of “doing all the right things” you thought would bring lasting happiness, but can't escape negative thinking?

Even in good times, do you feel worried or vaguely “on alert” for something “bad” to happen?

Have you sighed and asked yourself, “Is this all there is?” or “Is this what life is supposed to be about?”

If you nodded a few times, you have something in common with almost everyone.

But here's some great news:

You're only one secret away from lasting happiness, deep meaning and effortless success.

I would love to introduce you to it in the 2-hour MeaningOfLife.com Tame Your Mind, Love Your Life Workshop.

Lasting happiness is
when fear and lack disappear

You don’t need anything to happen to make you happy, because you are happy: It's your nature.

You feel fulfilled and complete whether things go as planned or not.

When fear exits, it also takes its children, worry and stress!

Work becomes effortless, creative and fun, making success inevitable.  

Family, friends and colleagues seek your advice and support, and you love helping them.

Hi, I'm Bruce Corwin

Before becoming an Executive and Happiness Coach and President of MeaningOfLife.com, I was lucky to work with many incredibly successful people—as a VP at Goldman Sachs, a Communications Director for C-level executives at tech and wellness companies, and a Congressional speechwriter.

The leaders I worked with were more positive than most people.

But behind the scenes, they were subject to fear, frustration, stress, insecurity, etc., just like everyone else.

In fact, CEOs have a higher-than-average rate of depression.

Bruce Corwin
President, Instructor, Survivor, Motivational Speaker

I know what that’s like in the worst way.

In 1988, a year after graduating from Harvard, I experienced extreme depression, along with anxiety and ADHD. which had been worsening for ten years without treatment.

I would learn in 2016 that I have a common and easily treatable genetic condition that affects brain chemistry -- in my case, mood and attention.

The odds were never in my favor.

In 1988, it sure felt like it.

I felt hopeless.

Life seemed meaningless.

Everything I had ever done seemed meaningless, too.

I was obsessed with "calling it quits." I even made a plan.

One thing stopped me: Imagining my mother getting the worst call a mom can get, and the last call a police officer wants to make.

I hung on and resolved to try anything that might help me recover and get through life.

Brain chemistry and well-being can be improved in many ways, even in a case like mine, where you're genetically challenged.  

Medication stabilized me at first.  

It helped me keep my job and begin to have a social life.

But I had a long way to go.

Over time, I explored spirituality, meditation, medication, talk therapy, visualization, yoga, breathing exercises, hypnosis, you name it.

I eventually learned that the soul can be the best medicine for the brain.

There were stops and starts, but I felt better and better.

By my mid-30s, I stopped worrying about myself.

But I remained curious about something else:

I had a vague feeling that something, deep down, was still missing.

I came to realize that almost everyone feels the same way.  

It takes two main forms.

1) "Never Enough Syndrome.”  

We think that adding, achieving or acquiring one more thing will finally make us happy.

A new job, a spouse, a partner, a baby, a Harley Davidson.  

It makes us happy until we realize that we forgot about one more thing we need.

2)  Fear is always in the back of our minds -- and we envision worst-case scenarios.

We might fear death, loss, pain, or failure. Or being hurt, embarrassed, wrong or insulted. Gaining weight, being late, getting a parking ticket when lunch runs long.

As a society, we're not making progress.

Happiness in the US peaked in the 1990s. It's been falling in recent years.  

I never stopped searching for answers.

After 30+ years of looking around, I know this for sure:

It’s not only possible to live in lasting happiness without dissatisfaction and fear.

It’s natural.

The best solution boils down to one thing.

When I discovered it, it was so simple and obvious that I almost cried.

"How did I miss this?" I thought. "How did we all miss this?"

The general approach has been working for thousands of years, so it's the real deal.

But it flew under the radar until the 20th century. Now it’s growing quickly.

It's ideal for people with “no time.”

It’s simple.

There is no daily practice, like meditation or yoga. (I love both, but they aren't essential to lasting happiness.)

It solves many problems at once.

You don’t have to adopt new beliefs or discard beliefs you have now.

As for power and effectiveness, nothing comes close.

I’m living proof.

By the time I discovered the approach -- which I've adapted into a method called "Looking the Other Way" -- I was already feeling great. 

A heavy mental burden of conditioned thoughts, emotions and memories that I had always equated with "myself" had lifted almost completely.

I was feeling an increasingly intense sense of warmth and oneness with people and my surroundings.

Several people told me I was experiencing gradual "awakening."

I didn't care what it was called; I just loved how it felt.

But if it was an awakening, Looking the Other Way was like a triple espresso.

I made as much progress in the year I learned it than I had in the previous 30.

The lasting happiness and the life I lead today would have been unimaginable in my darkest hour after college.

I have two amazing, amusing, teenagers, both perfect in their own unruly ways. 😊

I have the job of my dreams helping people change their lives.

My social life is thriving.

I blissfully meditate by shooting baskets at a playground every day.

I even do amateur stand-up comedy. Some audiences like it, although my kids are a "tough crowd.“

But life is no joke. Everyone deserves to feel like this.

So I created a 2-hour workshop to introduce you to how easy it is.

Photo of you after mastering emotions

4 Things You'll Learn
In Just 2 Hours

  • A simple system for mastering control of your thoughts and emotions
  • The fastest way to experience with lasting peace and happiness and achieve effortless success by discovering and living as your essential self.
  • How to short-circuit stress, worry and self-doubt.
  • An innovative technique to instantly access emotions like love, kindness and empathy as a conditioned response.

I’ve explored the pursuit of lasting Happiness for 30 years in every spare moment. In terms of speed, effectiveness and simplicity, nothing comes close to this fundamental approach.


Apply for a call using the button below. We teach online and in-person.

Exchange fascinating food for thought on the Meaning of Life.

Learn our comprehensive framework for mastering your thoughts and emotions.

Experience and understand "Looking the Other Way" -- The foolproof secret to lasting peace and happiness, and inevitable success.

Get inspiring reminders to help you instantly "snap out of it" when you're feeling down.

Relax knowing we have a 100%-Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee. 

All techniques in the Workshop are consistent with scientific principles and research.

Get to lasting peace today


Why Most People Never Experience Lasting Happiness

I’m guessing anything you’ve ever done in the pursuit of happiness required you to observe or focus on something specific.

Like body if you went jogging or did yoga. The words in a self-improvement book. Events in the present moment. An object or memory in meditation. Thoughts and emotions. That’s all good.

But this program is different because it Looks the Other Way.

It turns your focus around and pays attention to who or what within you is focusing.

This is not about focusing on thoughts and emotions. I also don’t mean your mind, self-identity, personality or “issues.”

Looking the Other Way works wonders on all of these things, even without talking about them.  

I mean the essence of who you are. Or just “awareness.” Its nature – which is your nature – is lasting peace and happiness.

All sorts of wellness experts know the practical power of awareness.

But almost all of them use awareness it only as a tool to observe thoughts, emotions and many other things.

Using awareness only as a tool is like using a diamond to file your nails!

This program teaches you how to experience awareness. The essence of you. The essence of life.

When you live from there, work becomes effortless and success becomes inevitable.

The Program:
Combining Happiness and Success

This coaching program is loosely based on two ancient teachings that have been working for thousands of years.

It strips away the customs and rituals that delay results.

With my background as a communications executive, a student of wellness for 30 years, three years as a widely read wellness blogger, and two years at MeaningOfLife.com, I’ve adapted the approach for 21st century business and society.

The program also includes substantial original content, including a simple method for mastering control of your thoughts and emotions, and changing your mindset in the moment from negative to positive.

You'll also get dozens of sentences or phrases (I call them reminders) to get you back on track when you’re feeling low or your mind goes astray.

A 20-Second Glimpse Into The Program's Core:
Looking the Other Way

Pick an object across the room or out the window.

Before you read the next paragraph, look at it intensely for roughly ten seconds (don’t count).” 

Pause and consider this: 

As you know, when you’re doing, thinking or feeling anything, there’s a “part” of you that knows and can silently observe what you’re experiencing. 

(It’s widely used as a therapeutic tool, but it’s not the main emphasis of this program.) 

For example, say you’re so angry that you want to throw a shoe at your boss.  

Hopefully this knowing observer within you rises and you think, “Ok, I know I’m angry. I have to keep my shoe on.” 

Now, for ten more seconds, fix your eyes on the object, but at the same time, pay full attention to the part of you that knows you’re looking.  

That wasn’t supposed to blow you away. It was the tip of the iceberg of a much broader program.

If you found it even slightly interesting, that's a good sign.

But maybe you got a tiny taste of the qualities of the part of you that's looking. Calm. Wise. Maybe comforting.

But there's so much more to it.

It can’t get stressed out, worried, frustrated, or doubt itself.

It has no problems, “issues” or dislikes.

It’s peaceful, open and untouched by anything that has ever happened to you, or ever will.  

It's not your unruly mind.

Your is contained within it.

In fact, it’s the only thing that can tame your mind.

When you explore and experience it, you’ll see that it’s not actually a “part” of you.

It is you.

The true essence of who you are.

Lasting peace and happiness, love, creativity and vast potential for success, however you define success, are your innate qualities.

You know that stress, worry, resentment, etc. are not your natural state or your true essence.

They're fleeting, superficial states of mind that dissolve on contact with your true essence when you learn to bring it to the center of your life.  

Another label for your true essence is awareness, which I also use.

But your “true essence” points to the emotional power and experience of lasting peace and happiness.

When you turn your attention around and look for your true essence, you'll notice that it can't be seen.

It can only be experienced. It's wonderful, and it gets better and better.

It’s so much simpler than trying to get to the bottom of your “issues” in talk therapy.

Your true essence works wonders on your mind, self-identity, personality or issues without even talking about them.

It’s pure gold. So are you. It's time to go treasure hunting.

Two hours. One session. The essentials for fulfilling the Meaning of Life to you.


Our 100% UnconditionaL Money-Back Guarantee

Come to the workshop, and stay for the whole thing. 

By the end, if you don’t think it was worthwhile, we will gladly refund your money.

No ifs, ands, buts or hard feelings.