"...A simple approach to lasting happiness that fills your life with meaning and success”

Hello, my friend...

Have you ever thought happiness was finally here to stay, but it was gone when you turned around?

Have you ever felt deep meaning in something new, only to ask later, "Remind me how I got myself into this?"...

If so, you’re in the right place. We specialize in cases like yours!

It’s well established that happiness is a major factor in success, no matter how you define it.

How good you feel greatly influences how much meaning you experience in life.

In other words, happiness, meaning and success are all connected.

I built this site because the most popular methods people use to lasting happiness are either hopelessly flawed or take forever.

Complexity is the enemy of lasting happiness.

Fortunately, the keys to happiness aren't unknown.

They’re just under the radar in our culture.  

You only need a handful of ultra-powerful, time-tested things to do and know – with a few modern enhancements.

Then it's up to you to apply them.

Fortunately, you'll want to, because it's a pleasure and it keeps getting better.

It's the fastest solution on the planet.

So if you want to end that cycle of ups and downs and make meaning, lasting happiness and effortless success second nature, I encourage you to keep reading.

Ok, let's cut to the chase on the world's oldest question:

What's the Meaning of Life?

Humans have been debating this question since they became capable of debating.

But we don’t have a definitive answer.

At this point, the Meaning of Life seems to be… are you ready?

A matter of opinion.

I would never tell you how to define the Meaning of Life to you.

I will venture a guess on the basis of your decision:

It’s what makes you happiest.

Whether your life’s purpose is helping others, enjoying life, living by a religious or moral code, or something else, it's rooted in what makes you happy and fulfilled above all else.

Along with lasting happiness, we all want success.

Maybe it’s making millions, raising great kids, serving your country or community... whatever you decide.  

Research overwhelmingly shows that happiness is a major driver of success.

But more of us were taught the opposite: that lasting happiness must be earned by achieving your goals.

It's a myth.

You also have to learn happiness as a skill.

You have to recognize that it's already within you --and bring it to the forefront of your life.

How happy are you? Here's how to tell

Are you sick of “doing all the right things” you thought would bring lasting happiness, but can’t shake feelings like worry, frustration or dissatisfaction?

Do you feel often overwhelmed and stressed, rushing from one responsibility to another?

Even in good times, do you feel worried or vaguely “on alert” for something “bad” to happen?

Have you sighed and asked yourself, “Is this all there is?” “Is this what life is supposed to be about?”

If you nodded a few times, you have something in common with almost everyoneT.

But here's some great news:

You're only one secret aware from lasting happiness, deep meaning and effortless success!


I've realized that meaning is more than just a purpose; something you do. It’s something you feel...

Have you ever heard of meaningless love, or meaningless joy?

If you’re happy, life will feel more meaning than if you’re unhappy or depressed.

Meaning is the ingredient in all warmhearted emotions.

By my mid-30s. I still felt something was missing.

But I realized it wasn’t specific to my situation anymore.

Practically everyone else felt the same way.

What was missing?

I’ll sum it up with three questions:

Why can't we stay satisfied for verylong?
Why is fear always in theback of our minds?
Is lasting happiness evenpossible?

Well, in my 30+ years of looking around, I haven’t seen it all, but I’ve seen a lot. This is what I know for sure:

It’s not only possible to live in lasting happiness without dissatisfaction and fear. It’s natural.

The solution boils down to one thing. When I discovered it, was so simple and obvious that I almost wanted to cry:

We have to do what I call,“Look the other way.”

We “look” all day long. Observe, view, focus, concentrate, etc. We constantly direct our attention to something. 

It’s mostly the“outside” world, but also our thoughts and emotions.

It's true in take therapy, mindfulness and most forms of meditation,

With most meditation methods, you focus on something: an object, image, memory, emotion, mantra, your breath, etc.

Statistically, meditation, talk therapy and mindfulness can be beneficial. If they’re helping you, great. Keep it up. What I’ll teach you can complement them.

But we need a better approach.

Happiness in the US peaked in the 1990s, and it's been falling been falling in recent years. Why?

It’s simple. We’ve overlooked who is looking. 

We’ve paid attention to everything except who is paying attention – or you could say whatever it is within us that’paying attention.

All we have to do is turn our focus around and Look the Other Way.

The source of our focus is where your peace and happiness have been along.

You don’t have to sort to out you “issues” in talk therapy, which will never give you lasting happiness. 

You don't have to adopt or discard any beliefs, and there are no daily practices You subtly work this into your daily routine.

I'm living proof that this works. I’ve loved my career. I love my two amazing, unruly children far more.

I blissfully meditate by shooting baskets at a playground. I also do stand-up comedy.

I'm living a life I have never imagined -- and I had to share the ultimate solution with you.

My two-hour workshop is original but loosely derived from two approaches that have been working for thousands of years.

Obviously, it hasn’t reached enough people. Fortunately, it has just reached you!

What is lasting happiness?

In my opinion, it's absence of lack, and the absence of fear.

Without fear and lack, you live on a spectrum with inner peace at one end, joy at the other and happiness in between. You can still do what you're doing in life. But...

You feel fulfilled and complete whether or not things go as planned. You have unshakable inner peace even when facing life’s toughest challenges.

Anxiety and stress disappear. 85% of what people worry about never happens. You know you can handle the other 15%. You'll stop stressing out and worrying.

Work becomes effortless, creative and fun. 
Your productivity soars. Your capabilities expand. Focus, conflict resolution and collaboration become second nature. Success? Inevitable.

Your relationships become deeper and more meaningful. You're more attuned to other people's feelings -- family, friends and colleagues. You don't need them to make you feel "whole." Relationships become more "about them" in a good way. 

Hi, I'm Bruce Corwin

Before becoming an Executive and Happiness Coach and President of MeaningOfLife.com, I was lucky to work with many incredibly successful people -- as a VP at Goldman Sachs, a Communications Director for C-level executives at tech and wellness companies, and a Congressional speechwriter.

The leaders I worked with were more positive than most people. But behind the scenes, they were subject to fear, frustration, stress, insecurity, etc., just like everyone else.

In fact, CEOs have a higher-than-average rate of depression.

Bruce Corwin
President, Instructor, Survivor, Motivational Speaker

I know what that’s like in the extreme.

In 1988, a year after graduating from Harvard, I experienced crushing, merciless depression, anxiety and ADHD, which had been worsening for ten years without treatment.

I felt hopeless. Life seemed meaningless. Everything I had done seemed meaningless,too.

I thought seriously about “calling it quits.”

But imagining my mother getting the worst call a mom can get was even more intolerable than living that way.

I hung on and resolved to try anythingthat might help me recover and be happy.

I didn't know until 2016 that the odds had never been on my side.

I have a little-known, but common and easily treatable genetic condition that affects brain chemistry – in my case, mood and attention.

Fortunately, brain chemistry and well-being can be improved in many ways, even in a case like mine. I tried all sorts of them.  

Medication helped me recover initially, and restore meaning and hope.

But over time, I explored spirituality, meditation, talk therapy, visualization, yoga, breathing exercises, hypnosis, you name it.

I eventually learned that the soul can be the best medicine for the brain.

Photo of you after mastering emotions

4 Things You'll Learn
In Just 2 Hours

  • A simple system for mastering control of your thoughts and emotions
  • An innovative technique to instantly access emotions like love, kindness and empathy as a conditioned response.
  • How to short-circuit stress, worry and self-doubt.
  • The fastest way to experience with lasting peace and happiness and achieve effortless success by discovering and living as your essential self.

I’ve explored the pursuit of lasting Happiness for 30 years in every spare moment. In terms of speed, effectiveness and simplicity, nothing comes close to this fundamental approach.


Apply for a call using the button below. We teach online and in-person.

Watch and hear fascinating food for thought on the Meaning of Life.

Learn our comprehensive framework for mastering your thoughts and emotions.

Practice these techniques together. We’ll walk through several meditative exercises that are simple, blissful and brief. You'll learn how to apply them in everyday life with your eyes wide open.

Get inspiring reminders to help you instantly "snap out of it" when you're feeling down.

Relax knowing we have a 100%-Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee. 

All techniques in the Workshop are consistent with scientific principles and research.

Why This Teaching Is Different

Background and Goal: Much of this workshop is derived in unique ways from proven methods, approaches and traditions. Some are thousands of years old. I’ve removed their bells and whistles and adapted them for life in the 21st century.

The core is discovering your essential self; living from the essence of who you are – which is peaceful, content and indestructible. It has always been within you, and it has never changed. When you looked in the mirror at age 5, 35 or today, you were looking at the same essential “you.” When you woke up and looked around your room at age 5, you were aware of your surroundings in the same way as when you woke up this morning.

Why Most People Never Experience Lasting Happiness

As you may know, the essential self has been recognized as a source of lasting happiness – even enlightenment, the end of emotional suffering -- for ages. But most people never get there.

One simple reason is that many approaches and traditions to lasting happiness take our focusing away our essential self: Our bodies, recurring emotions, energy, sights and sounds in the present moment, breathing, meditations on love nature, gratitude, etc.

Don’t get me wrong. I know from experience that these practices can be very beneficial and enjoyable. I know that from experience. If you like them, keep doing them! This teaching can complement them.  

A second reason is that many approaches use your essential self – also known as awareness –as a tool to witness and manage thoughts and emotions. That can be very effective, and that’s great. But the benefit stops there.  

You see, your essential self is not just a tool for you. It is you.

This is the method:

How do you discover the real you? If you consistently maintain part of your awareness on your essential self in a specific way, while also observing objects, your body, thoughts and emotions, you’ll begin to see the world in different and wonderful light.

You’re focused on looking at the world, but at the same time, you’re focused on who is looking. You don’t make mistake of leaving(that is, overlooking) your essential self in pursuit of your essential self.  

When you start to experience the depth of peace, happiness and stability that brings, you’ll want to explore it more deeply.

We’ll do that together. You’ll also hear from special experts.

Lasting peace and happiness, and effortless success, is right around the corner.

Get to lasting peace today


Why This Method Over Others?

I’m an outsider in wellness. I didn’t learn it from the top down in a classroom because I wanted to. I learned it from the bottom up because I had to — to survive.​​​​​​​

What I pieced together from that journey had to be ultra-powerful to help me compensate for what my body couldn’t do.

The system is rooted in scientifically established facts and proven wellness practices, ancient and modern wisdom, and plenty of logic and common sense.

Here are the principles and practices in the mix:

  • Images are easier to remember than words.
  • Emotions are more powerful than thoughts.
  • You can recondition your mind to think and feel more positively.
  • Using memory can enhance well-being.
  • Meditation
  • Visualization
  • Mindfulness
  • Positive Psychology
  • Visual learning
  • Positive Reminiscence Therapy
  • Breathing techniques

The workshop is colorful, visual and fun. You may see some uplifting photos that stay in your mind forever!

Our Promise

Photo of you after mastering your emotions
Whether you define, redefine or affirm the Meaning of Life to you, you’ll never think about the topic in quite the same way.

You’ll learn a powerful, streamlined approach to mastering your thoughts and emotions, which allows more meaning to flow into everything you do.

When the Workshop is over, it's really over. No need to spend more money… you’ll walk away feeling empowered to live a life with control of your emotions.

You can contact us afterwards with questions for free anytime, but with this system, you probably won’t need to. And the site will always have great updated content.

Two hours. One session. The essentials for fulfilling the Meaning of Life to you.


Our 100% UnconditionaL Money-Back Guarantee

Come to the workshop, and stay for the whole thing. 

By the end, if you don’t think it was worthwhile, we will gladly refund your money.

No ifs, ands, buts or hard feelings.