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Tame your mind, love your life.
With a simple system, it's not so hard.

Hello, my curious friend...

If you came here looking to fill your life with meaning and happiness, you’re in the right place.

I built this site to help you explore the Meaning of Life to you — and teach you how to fulfill your definition by mastering your thoughts and emotions.

So if you want to live a successful life with a clear and inspiring purpose while experiencing the joy of living, I invite you to keep reading.

So, what is the Meaning of Life?

If there is a universal Meaning of Life that applies to everyone, the world hasn’t agreed on it.

It might become clear at some point, but until then — the Meaning of Life is… are you ready?

A matter of opinion.

It’s for each person to define.

But that’s only the beginning...

Whether you decide the Meaning of Life is to help others, be happy, live a moral life or something else, you have to go out and make it happen.

In other words, you have to fulfill it, too.

Many people “do the right things” to live close to their definitions.

You can even lead a “perfect life” on paper.

But if you feel lousy — unhappy, worried, frustrated, stressed, etc. — you won’t enjoy the good things in your life.

You can logically tell yourself that life has meaning, but still feel like it's empty.

Here’s the secret:

Meaning doesn’t just come from what you do.
It also comes from how you feel

Think about it—can you have “meaningless love”? Or “meaningless joy”?

No, right?

That’s why mastering your thoughts and emotions will give you more meaning in life — and lead to greater success.

If you’re happy, you’ll be more effective going after your purpose.

Imagine going to a job interview when you’re discouraged and stressed. How’s that going to go?

Now imagine going to the same interview feeling relaxed and excited about the future. Wouldn’t that improve your chances?

And if you could live that way, wouldn’t every day feel more meaningful and rewarding?

 Bottom line: If you tame your mind, you can love your life.

If you can’t control your thoughts and emotions, you’ll feel like you’re missing out.

How I learned the hard way that feeling meaning is just as important as doing "meaningful" things

Growing up, I did what was expected of me.

I excelled in school and sports, graduated from Harvard, then landed a high-paying job.

But from 7th grade on, I suffered from relentless depression, anxiety and ADHD, with basically no treatment.

By 23, life was unbearable.

So on a brilliant blue morning in August 1988, I walked to the center of the George Washington Bridge connecting New York and New Jersey.

I was extremely depressed and felt utterly hopeless about the future.

I looked at the Hudson River 200 feet below me.

There was nothing between me and the water — no fence, no net, just a decision to make.

I desperately wanted to jump.

But in my heart of hearts, I just couldn’t.

I knew my decision wasn’t just about me.

Life felt completely meaningless. But I knew I meant the world to my family...

Eventually, I stood up and walked back toward Manhattan, still in despair, wondering how much longer I could hang on.

I didn’t learn until 27 years later that I have a genetic defect that may have caused all of the illness I had been fighting.

Fortunately, it’s easily treatable, and I feel fantastic today.

But back in 1988, I started taking an antidepressant in the nick of time.

It wasn’t a cure - I had a long way to go - but I felt okay.

Conversations, projects, even small gestures felt like they meant something.

It gave me a glimpse into how improvements in emotional well-being can make everyday life feel more meaningful.

Medication helped me settle into a “new normal.”

So I chugged along in my career: Goldman Sachs Vice President, Congressional speechwriter, communications executive and widely read wellness blogger.  

But still, nothing came easy.

I continued to reckon with milder forms of depression, anxiety and ADHD, and low-grade bipolarity starting in my 20s.

I usually felt distracted, worried, alone in a crowd.

But I decided not to settle for that kind of life...

For 30 years, I searched for well-being in mind, body, heart and soul.

I tried everything I could find.

Meditation, psychotherapy, yoga, positive psychology, visualization, psychopharmacology, reiki, reminiscence therapy, cognitive therapy, ancient wisdom from East and West, and more.

Some of these helped, but none made a big difference on its own.

So I started to improvise and blend them together.

I experimented with hundreds of techniques and reminders to lift my spirits and control my thoughts and emotions.

I gradually developed a simple system that was both practical for my hectic life and fulfilling to the soul.

In 2016, I was feeling close to where I wanted to be.

That year, at age 50, the genetic defect was discovered and treated.

My biochemistry was finally normal.

I felt so happy and carefree that I was sure it was the final piece of the puzzle.

But as I kept using and improving the system, I started experiencing profound, persistent states of fulfillment and inner peace that I had read about, but never thought I would reach.

It all came with an awe-inspiring feeling of connection and oneness with people and my surroundings. 

The joy of living became a way of life.

I felt so lighthearted that I started doing standup comedy as a hobby.

Best of all, somehow, my love for my two kids grew even deeper.

I learned how to love my life against all odds. 
And I'm on a mission to help people like you do the same.

Believe me, I’m very uncomfortable sharing deeply personal details about my health or that day on the bridge.

But getting this out there is worth the price of my privacy.

The simple, science-based system I built over 30 years probably saved my life.

I had to share this with the world.

So I put it into a 2-hour workshop with a digestible, easy-to-learn format— and I'm so confident that this works that I included a satisfaction guarantee.

The MeaningOfLife.com System for Taming Your Mind and Loving Your Life combines great strengths of the world’s most effective wellness traditions.

It’s a blend of powerful techniques, essential reminders and fascinating angles for exploring life and its meaning.

I spent a year optimizing the workshop with feedback from doctors, wellness experts, a great Advisory Board, focus groups, couples and individuals.

And so far, it’s working wonders for people.

Bruce Corwin
President, Instructor, Survivor, Motivational Speaker
Photo of you after mastering emotions

8 Things You'll Learn
In Just 2 Hours

  • Gain the power to change your state of mind from negative to positive in the moment
  • Make happiness, love and fulfillment second nature
  • Break the cycle of recurring negative thoughts and toxic emotions
  • Maintain your well-being even when things go “wrong”
  • Thrive with clear purpose and deeper meaning across your life
  • Experience peace and contentment no matter where you are
  • Instantly short-circuit stress, worry and self-doubt
  • Replace loneliness by always feeling connected to people, the world and life itself


Schedule a workshop using the button below. We teach online and in-person.

Watch and hear fascinating food for thought on the Meaning of Life.

Learn our comprehensive framework for mastering your thoughts and emotions

We call it the "3Ts"—

  • Train and condition yourself to easily access warmhearted emotions
  • Transition smoothly into a positive state of mind
  • Transcend emotional suffering caused by unwanted life events with inner peace

Practice these techniques together. We’ll walk through several meditative exercises that are simple, blissful and brief. You'll learn how to apply them in everyday life with your eyes wide open.

Get inspiring reminders to help you instantly "snap out of it" when you're feeling down.

Relax knowing we have a 100%-Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee. 

All techniques in the Workshop are consistent with scientific principles and research.

How This Is Different From Therapy, Coaching and Counseling

Over time, I paid around $150,000 to wellness providers and learned some expensive lessons:

  • Talk therapists, coaches and counselors can help some people, but depending on them doesn’t work.
  • Mastering your thoughts and emotions doesn’t need to be complicated. Simpler is better once you find the right system.
  • You’re more resilient, stronger and need less help than you think.


  • Single 2-hour session: 1-on-1 or with friends or family
  • A blend of the world's best approaches to well-being
  • Scientific and simple
  • Lighthearted and uplifting
  • Fees much lower than therapists, counselors and coaches


100% Guaranteed


  • Multiple Sessions: Weeks?  Months? Years?
  • One approach to well-being
  • Scientific but not-so-simple
  • Not so much
  • $100? $200? $300? ...for 45 mins or 1 hour


Hope for the best

This is an original blend of the world's best healing practices — bundled into a fun, interactive 2-hour session

We’ve been told that emotions like love, joy, fulfillment and inner peace will just appear when good things happen, or once we our solve our “issues.”

But it doesn’t work that way!

The mind just isn’t naturally wired to feel loving, joyful or at peace for very long.

I developed a system to train your mind and body to quickly access warmhearted emotions and make them second nature.

Our minds and bodies have experienced these emotions many times. And like riding a bicycle, we can get there again.

‍We just need to train and condition them.

That's a big part of what you’ll learn in our two hours together.

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Why This Method Over Others?

I’m an outsider in wellness. I didn’t learn it from the top down in a classroom because I wanted to. I learned it from the bottom up because I had to — to survive.​​​​​​​

What I pieced together from that journey had to be ultra-powerful to help me compensate for what my body couldn’t do.

The system is rooted in scientifically established facts and proven wellness practices, ancient and modern wisdom, and plenty of logic and common sense.

Here are the principles and practices in the mix:

  • Images are easier to remember than words.
  • Emotions are more powerful than thoughts.
  • You can recondition your mind to think and feel more positively.
  • Using memory can enhance well-being.
  • Meditation
  • Visualization
  • Mindfulness
  • Positive Psychology
  • Visual learning
  • Positive Reminiscence Therapy
  • Breathing techniques

The workshop is colorful, visual and fun. You may see some uplifting photos that stay in your mind forever!

Our Promise

Photo of you after mastering your emotions
Whether you define, redefine or affirm the Meaning of Life to you, you’ll never think about the topic in quite the same way.

You’ll learn a powerful, streamlined approach to mastering your thoughts and emotions, which allows more meaning to flow into everything you do.

When the Workshop is over, it's really over. No need to spend more money… you’ll walk away feeling empowered to live a life with control of your emotions.

You can contact us afterwards with questions for free anytime, but with this system, you probably won’t need to. And the site will always have great updated content.

Two hours. One session. The essentials for fulfilling the Meaning of Life to you.

A Special One-Time Introductory Offer
The current prices of our two-hour (online or in-person) workshop are lower—often much lower—than most therapists, coaches or counselors charge for two hours. We offer group discounts and generous referral rewards, so bring your family and friends!
*You will also get a 15% rebate for anyone you refer who takes the Workshop after you do!

Our 100% UnconditionaL Money-Back Guarantee

Come to the workshop, and stay for the whole thing. 

By the end, if you don’t think it was worthwhile, we will gladly refund your money.

No ifs, ands, buts or hard feelings.