Meaning is not just a result of what you do. It is embedded in how you feel.

Discover your innate peace and happiness, and meaning will saturate your life.

Learn history’s simplest, fastest approach to lasting peace and happiness, adapted for a modern audience: Reverse Mindfulness for Lasting Happiness

Hello, my friend...

  • Have you worked hard to do “all the right things” but you’re not experiencing the meaning and happiness you expected at this stage of life?
  • Do you ever feel like you're "there but not there" for meaningful moments because your mind is racing with stress and worry, so you miss out on what's most important?
  • Have you experienced states of serenity and happiness in mindfulness, meditation or yoga that you only wish could pervade your life?

If you just nodded at least once, you’re in good company with billions of people!

Being burdened by stress, worry or lack of satisfaction may be common. But it’s not natural. Deep down, you know that.

When you’re stressed, worried, angry or dissatisfied, you feel like something is off; unnatural.

Why? Because you have an infinite source of lasting peace and happiness within you that is natural, that you can access at any time.

When you anchor yourself in that source, the mental “noise” goes away.

You live free of worry and stress, with unshakable fulfilment that doesn’t depend on events, outcomes or circumstances.

Meaning infuses everything you do.

Don’t worry. It’s much easier and faster than you think.

What's the Meaning of Life?

It would be very presumptuous of me to tell you what the meaning of your life should be to you! I think's a personal decision.

I believe the Meaning of Life is whatever makes you feel most fulfilled.

That’s not exactly going out on a limb. But here’s what’s important:

Think about fulfillment. It can result from pursuing a purpose. But fulfillment is not a result. It’s an emotion -- something you feel.

Meaning is infused in fulfillment, as well as happiness, serenity, love and other warmhearted emotions.

Whether the Meaning of Life to you is helping others, having loving relationships, making a fortune or something else, what you’re seeking is not the objective itself. It’s the emotional reward.


Don’t believe you need an elaborate path with decades of meditation, Mindfulness or yoga to experience lasting peace and happiness, unshakable fulfillment and spiritual awakening.

There's a simple, time-tested way to bypass that. No, it’s not talk therapy! it’s a modern adaptation of an ancient approach that’s been working for 5,000 years.

Introducing Reverse Mindfulness for Lasting Happiness

Reverse Mindfulness for Lasting Happiness ("Reverse Mindfulness") is a modern adaptation of ancient yogic teachings that are resurfacing due to their simplicity, minimal time commitment and amazingly fast results.

You can do it anytime, in any situation, without anyone knowing.

It immediately short-circuits stress and anxiety. 

In a small fraction of the time required by most forms of mindfulness, meditation and yoga, you’ll experience:

  • Lasting Happiness that makes life fun again
  • Unshakable fulfillment: Needing nothing else or anyone else to feel “complete,” come what may
  • Peace and Serenity that withstand crisis and dissolve conflict
  • Oneness: The essence of love and source of many positive emotions
  • Confidence from being anchored in the ultimate source of strength

Mindfulness and Reverse Mindfulness: Two sides of the same coin

Mindfulness and Reverse Mindfulness share ancient Indian roots. 

They both draw their effectiveness from the power of attention.

They recognize awareness, not our minds, as our essential self.

They just send our attention in the “opposite directions” -- what we’re aware of, and what is aware of it.

In daily life, most of us spend 100% of our time focusing on specific things that we’re aware of: Sights, sounds, thoughts, emotions, etc.

Mindfulness does that with greater intensity and alertness. Most forms of meditation and yoga also focus on things that we’re aware of. 

The simple alternative is reversing your attention. Paying attention to what’s paying attention.

Being mindful of what’s being mindful.

Being aware of being aware, of awareness itself. 

If that sounds difficult, rest assured, it’s practically effortless. 

There are several ways to practice Reverse Mindfulness. Basic knowledge and insights greatly enhance its power. But reversing attention is its core.

Mindfulness and Reverse Mindfulness:
Two sides of the same coin

Mindfulness and Reverse Mindfulness share ancient Indian roots. 

They both draw their effectiveness from the power of attention.

They recognize awareness, not the mind, as our essential self and the source of lasting peace and happiness.

They just send our attention in “opposite directions” -- onto whatever we’re aware of vs. what is aware of it.

Most of us spend 100% of our time focusing on we’re aware of: Sights, sounds, thoughts, emotions, etc.

Mindfulness does that with greater intensity and alertness. Most forms of meditation and yoga also focus on specific things: our breath, energy, memories, images, mantras, etc.

The simple alternative is reversing your attention.

Being mindful of what’s being mindful. Paying attention to what’s paying attention. Being aware of what is aware, of awareness itself. 

If that sounds difficult, rest assured, it’s practically effortless. Even Mindful magazine describes Mindfulness as "easier said than done."

There are different ways to practice Reverse Mindfulness. Basic knowledge and insights greatly enhance its power.

But its core is reversing your attention onto what is inherently peaceful and happy within you. If you could do that, why would you want to focus on anything else?

You don't even need to close your eyes.

Mindfulness can be effective at reducing what we want LESS of, like stress, anxiety and distraction in the near-term.  

Reverse Mindfulness is more about rapidly gaining what we want MORE of, like serenity, happiness and feeling “complete.”

But it also dissolves stress and anxiety. And it's much easier than Mindfulness.

The Simple Source of Lasting Peace and Happiness

In the West, awareness is typically overlooked and dismissed as a function. 

In many Eastern traditions, including mindfulness, meditation and yoga, it's a totally different story: Awareness is rightly recognized as our true nature; the peaceful, loving, joyful essence of who we are.

But here’s the thing: There's no exotic awareness that’s only accessible to gurus, mystics and yogis. 

It’s the same “ordinary” awareness with which we wash the dishes, walk the dog, or recognize what we think and feel. It’s just a matter of how deeply we experience it. 

You don’t need to sit in the dark and concentrate hard, trying to attain an elusive state of peace, fulfillment and happiness.

Just learn to pay direct attention to this “ordinary” awareness – eyes open, in any situation. 

When you master and combine this practice with simple teachings, you’ll quickly discover that peace, fulfillment and happiness aren't elusive. They're the essence of who you are.

If that sounds too simple, you can try it the hard way. There are thousands of hard ways. Believe me, I know. But you won't find an approach that's more logical than this one...

The logic behind Reverse Mindfulness for Lasting Happiness is obvious: If you know the source of lasting peace and happiness, then pay some attention to it, rather than everything EXCEPT it 100% of the time!

Hi, I'm Bruce Corwin

From ages 12-23, I lived a very challenging, illness-ridden life linked to an undiagnosed genetic condition.

In 1988, a year after graduating from Harvard, my resistance collapsed and I fell into an extreme depression. 

Fortunately, it led me to find very successful treatment. I finally felt “normal.” 

But normal seemed to mean riding an emotional rollercoaster driven by events and circumstances with almost everyone else.

So, alongside a demanding career in communications and eventual family life, I explored how something better than normal – lasting happiness – is pursued worldwide with approaches such as Mindfulness, meditation, yoga, positive psychology, ancient spiritual teachings and more.  It was a fun but unremarkable hobby for 20 years. Then...

On a November Sunday in 2008, I had a mind-bending, wonderful, spontaneous experience that medical science can’t explain.

I was driving home as usual when the world seemed to blossom into vivid colors. Even lampposts and road signs seemed vibrant and alive. Something had shifted; I wasn't sure what.

Within 48 hours, I realized that a lifelong, disruptive stress condition in my heart had vanished, never to return.

Even more bizarre, when I focused on an object, I felt a pressing sensation between my eyebrows and an unearthly sense of peace and “oneness” with the space around it. 

The “eyebrow center” is the location of the “third spiritual eye” in some Eastern traditions. Courtesy of Google, I soon learned that it's associated with deeper states of consciousness, wisdom, intuition and more.

Well, that got my attention. I remember thinking, "Maybe I should take this hobby a little more seriously."

Fast forward to 2019. I had been teaching a popular wellness and spirituality workshop for a few years.

I couldn’t imagine feeling any better. (I was soon pleasantly surprised.) But for my clients, I still didn’t have a magic bullet for lasting happiness.

One day, I came across videos of the simplest of all ancient yogic traditions. I watched in disbelief. “Thirty years," I said to myself. "I thought I’d seen it all. How did I miss this? It's so simple, powerful and... obvious."

To me, it was the magic bullet. But I knew it wouldn't be obvious to everyone. Most people who “got it” had tried almost everything else, as I had.

I call the general approach “reversing attention.”  To simplify it for a mainstream Western audience, I spent over a year studying different approaches to reversing attention.

With much outside input, l created a condensed program that is more experiential, visual and simple – more from the heart than the head – than the original. Today, it's called Reverse Mindfulness for Lasting Happiness.

I believe reversing attention will eventually become more prevalent than mindfulness. It's easier, faster, 100% portable, involves no eyes-closed meditation (mindfulness programs often do) and provides what most of us want above all: lasting peace and happiness, and fulfilment that can't be shaken by events and circumstances.

For now, it’s working absolute wonders for people who try it.

Get the Life You Deserve!
All you need is a few specific skills and some basic knowledge and insights to experience to the peaceful, joyful essence of who you are every day. That’s what I’ll help you do as an individual coach and counselor, or a speaker at your company or organization.

I'd be delighted to give you a free 30-minute, no-obligation introduction to Reverse Mindfulness for Lasting Happiness. I promise you'll enjoy it. I teach serious, life-altering material in a down-to-earth, lighthearted way.

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“I feel so much better now that I'm using Reverse Mindfulness. Honestly, it's life-changing."

Katie Deming, MD, Oregon

“Bruce helped me through the hardest year of my life. I had several losses within a period of six months. He gifted me with the tools to be at peace. I am forever thankful for the time and knowledge he has shared with me.”

Carol Velandia, Maryland

“Reverse Mindfulness for Lasting Happiness, which Bruce taught me, has brought me greater happiness and less stress incredibly quickly. This approach is simple and mind-blowing"

Tracey Donner Finch, Upstate New York

“Bruce doesn’t teach you to think positive as a temporary state of mind. He teaches you to feel positive - happy and fulfilled - as a way of life. Positive thinking then comes naturally. He helped me increase focus, productivity and a sense of purpose in my career, which led to more enjoyment in my life. Bruce is is savvy and knows all the tricks of the trade in business, which was important, as I am a born skeptic."

Peter Colbert
Realtor, Compass
California Wine Country

“I worked with Bruce, sometimes around the clock, when he was the Communications Director at a leading technology firm. His skills in communication, conflict resolution, dealing with C-Suite executives are exceptional.   He's a natural executive mentor. In his current role,  I saw a whole different side of him. He gave me a powerful framework for examining my life, truly assessing what I want it to mean, and finding lasting happiness.

Lisa Aurichio
BSYA Associates, a communications company
Cranford, New Jersey

“I have struggled throughout my life with pervasive negative thoughts. Bruce gave me simple, effective tools that I use to transform my mood and feel better immediately. I’m not usually a consumer of “self help,” but I’d recommend working with Bruce to anyone. What he will teach you is truly transformational. It can improve how you feel, think and work every day.”

Laura Welch
Principal Strategist
LGW Enterprises, LLC
Advanced Systems and Engineering

“It is so easy to become derailed by our own negative thoughts and conditioned behavior in work and life, and very challenging to get back on track. Bruce gave me vital tools, techniques and advice that have given me greater tranquility, happiness and wellness.”

Michael L. Sinkin DDS
New York, NY
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