About Us

MeaningOfLife.com is a mission-based company dedicated to helping people tame their minds, love their lives, and define and fulfill what the Meaning of Life is to them.

We do this primarily by offering the MeaningOfLife.com Tame Your Mind, Love Your Life Workshop as well as providing lively, educational content on the site.

Our company was built on these principles:

Loving life is your birthright, and with a simple system, it’s not so hard.

You are not here to be in a constant state of feeling down or wanting more. 

Defining the Meaning of Life to you is searching for the right starting line. Fulfilling the Meaning of Life requires effort, skill and persistence. Practically speaking, the Meaning of Life is 10% definition, 90% execution!

Meaning and well-being are inseparable. When you’re in a healthier your state of mind, life feels more meaningful.

Gaining control over your thoughts and emotions is crucial to fulfilling the Meaning of Life to you.

Many approaches to controlling your thoughts and emotions have become too expensive, too time consuming, and above all, too complex. The simpler, the better -- as long as it’s great.

The unprecedented intensity of today’s 24/7 digital world has created an acute need for:

  • powerful tools that can change your state of mind in the moment from negative to positive
  • an approach to transcending undesired outcomes and events by maintaining your well-being no matter what happens in life

Repeatedly trying to find and fix the causes of negativity from the past is very difficult. Instead of trying to repair negativity, replace it with positive emotions that are more powerful.

There are many scientific approaches to well-being, but most people don’t consider one to be the “total solution.” Blend the best of the best.

The more you laugh during our Workshop, the more you’ll remember.

Our Advisory Board

Julie Lichty Balay, MS RD CSSD

As a wellness professional and educator with multiple certifications, four-time Ironman triathlete Julie Lichty Balay has spent 20 years helping and inspiring people to live healthier, more active lives. She is the owner of JLB Nutrition, where she provides individual and group nutrition counseling programs that integrate nutrition, education, behavior modification techniques and regular exercise. She helps many clients with eating disorders and morbid obesity. Julie is an Assistant Professor at Montclair State University, where she teaches several courses including Sports Nutrition. She is one of only 600 Board certified sports dietitians in America. She is a Registered Dietitian and holds an MS degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York University. Julie lives in New Jersey.

Dawn Jiosi

For 22 years, Dawn was a successful entrepreneur, running a communications company serving the music industry, with clients such as the Rolling Stones, U2 and Madonna. For eight years, Dawn owned a spa in Oldwick, New Jersey dedicated to creating mind, body and spirit wellness. At age 44, Dawn, a mother of two, tragically lost her husband. Today, she is the Founder and President of A New Dawn Enterprises, a multi-media company dedicated to helping people heal from the symptoms of loss, transition through the grief process in a more loving and effective way, and celebrate life. Dawn was featured in the bestselling book Saturday Night Widows, which chronicled discoveries about being transformed by adversity, new experiences, humor, and friendship. She appeared on CBS This Morning and Katie. Dawn lives in New Jersey.

Holly H. Baldwin

Holly is a retired public school counselor who spent 23 years dedicated to the welfare and advocacy of students in grades K-12. After the Columbine High School shootings and 9/11, Holly, a Colorado resident, served as Head of Crisis Management for secondary schools in Summit County Colorado. She founded several middle-school, theme-based counseling groups, such as divorce, friendship skills and anger management. She also wrote school-wide educational plans for developmentally disabled students. Holly is a devoted Buddhist and mentor of Buddhist counselors who is well-versed in mind-body practices across several spiritual traditions. She holds a BS degree in Education from Ohio University with a major in Social Psychology, and a master’s degree in Counseling from Western State Colorado University.

Our President

Bruce Corwin
Instructor, Survivor, Motivational Speaker

Bruce Corwin is a wellness expert, Harvard graduate and former Goldman Sachs Vice President who later served as a wellness blogger and Communications Director at SparkPeople.com, the world’s largest healthy living website at the time.

The MeaningOfLife.com System for Taming Your Mind and Loving Your Life is rooted in a blessing in disguise. Bruce unknowingly suffered from the severe form of a genetic defect * that went undiagnosed and untreated for 50 years. To lead a "normal life" and overcome illnesses associated with this defect --depression, anxiety, ADHD and low-grade bipolarity (bipolar 2, which developed in his 20s) -- Bruce developed his simple, extraordinarily effective system over three decades by blending powerful aspects of some of the world’s most effective approaches, techniques and traditions for attaining emotional well-being.

The evolving system helped him immensely over time. After his genetic condition was discovered and successfully treated in 2016, he knew the struggle was over, and the joy of living set in. He then decided to help others tame their minds and love their lives by teaching the system that probably saved his.

Bruce does amateur standup comedy as a hobby. He has two children and lives in New Jersey.

*A double mutation in the gene methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR), which reduces production of a key enzyme, also called MTHFR. This impairs the body's use of the B-vitamin folate, which can result in substantial underproduction of vital neurotransmitters in the brain. This genetic defect has been linked to various common debilitating disorders like depression, anxiety, migraines, ADHD, bipolar disorder, stroke and others. Roughly one in ten Americans shares Bruce's condition, while approximately three in ten Americans have a single MTHFR mutation, which is less likely to trigger illnesses. As in Bruce's case, MTHFR  mutation is easily treated with a daily prescribed vitamin supplement. Unfortunately, it often goes undetected, with potentially tragic consequences.