Oh Sh--! No One Told Me Tomorrow is Happiness Day!

If you think Google, Facebook and those other tech giants have algorithms that know everything we do, relax. "Happiness Teacher" is one of my job titles, and I only just learned that tomorrow, March 20, is the UN International Day of Happiness. 

I'm not happy about the lack of notice. If I had a marketing department, I would fire it for missing this one.

Google or Facebook needs to fire someone in their Algorithm Department, like the person in charge of knowing everything I do. 

Oh no, it's worse than I thought! I just Googled it, and today, March 19th, is the fifth day of Act Happy Week as well as National Let's Laugh Day.

ICYMI along with me, Act Happy Week is about positive thinking. Let's Laugh Day is about how deliberately laughing can make you happier. 

Are you feeling pressure yet? 

I get it. When you teach happiness, every week is Act Happy Week if you aren't actually happy. I have to stay happy because I'm a terrible actor. On my rare down days, I keep a low-profile so only my cats will know how I really feel. They don't care anyway.

Did I just make you laugh? If not, then try harder!

How do I plan to spend the UN International Day of Happiness tomorrow, now that I know it exists? 

Trying to keep you smiling, as always. And letting people know that, while trying really hard to be happy can help, it can cause you to overlook the natural peace and happiness you've always had within you. It doesn't respond to trying. In fact, it surfaces when you stop trying in the right way.

It's not complicated. A week from tomorrow, I'll teach you just how to do it in MeaningOfLIfe.com's Lasting Happiness and Stress-Free Success Free Webinar. It's history's simplest, fastest approach to attaining lasting peace and happiness, adapted for a modern audience. It was born in ancient India and has been working for 5,000 years. It will work for you, too.

I hope that sounds enticing. It's the best I can do without a marketing department.

Good night, and remember, all smiles tomorrow! Are we clear on this?🙂

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