The MeaningOfLife.com
Combining Happiness and Success Program

A simple, rapid approach to
lasting happiness and effortless success

The MeaningOfLife.com Combining Happiness and Success Program is an 8-week private coaching program for senior professionals seeking to accelerate their careers and experience lasting happiness.

Countless studies reveal that happiness is a major driver of success, however you define it. This program helps you exceed your goals, unlock your full potential, and feel a greater sense of purpose in the most satisfying way of all: Making lasting happiness a way of life.

But lasting happiness eludes most people. Does this sound familiar?

  • Doing "all the right things” you thought would bring happiness but can’t shake recurring negative thoughts and emotions?
  • Feeling overwhelmed by rushing from one responsibility after another instead of enjoying your life?
  • Doubting whether you're capable of working and living like people who seem happier and more successful?
  • Do you want to learn a proven, astoundingly rapid route to lasting happiness minus the trivial tips, endless talk and daily practices?
  • Are you ready to master your thoughts and emotions and uncover the innate peace and happiness you’ve always had?

If you just nodded a few times, this program is 100% for you!

Hi, I'm Bruce Corwin...

Bruce Corwin
President and Executive and Happiness Coach, MeaningOfLife.com

Before becoming an Executive and Happiness Coach and President of MeaningOfLife.com, I was lucky to work with many incredibly successful people -- as a VP at Goldman Sachs, a Communications Director for C-level executives at tech and wellness companies,and a Congressional speechwriter.

Statistics show that happiness is a critical driver of success. The leaders I worked with were more positive than most people. But behind the scenes, they were subject to fear, frustration, stress, insecurity, etc., just like everyone else.

In fact, CEOs have a higher-than-average rate of depression. Maybe they realize better than anyone that the myth we grew up with isn’t true:

Lasting happiness is not like a promotion: You can’t earn itthrough action only. You have to learn it as skill, recognize thatit's already within you, and bring it to the forefront of your life.

I learned this early on, and not by choice.

In 1988, a year after graduating from Harvard, I experienced extreme, untreated depression, anxiety and ADHD, which had been worsening for ten years.

I felt hopeless. Life seemed meaningless. Everything I had seemed meaningless, I thought seriously about “calling it quits.” But imagining my mother getting the worst call a mom can get was even more intolerable than living that way.

I hung on and resolved to try anything that might help me recover and be happy. I didn't know until 2016 that the odds had never been on my side.

I have a little-known, but common and easily treatable genetic condition that affects brain chemistry – in my case, mood and attention.

Fortunately, human beings are incredibly resilient, and I happen to be one of them!

Brain chemistry and well-being can be improved in many ways, even in a case like mine. I tried all sorts of them.  

Medication helped me recover initially. But over time, I explored spirituality, meditation, talk therapy, visualization, yoga,breathing exercises, hypnosis, you name it.

I eventually learned that the soul can be the best medicine for the brain.

I was lucky. Things went well. I felt better and better. I’ve loved my career. I love my two amazing, unruly children far more. I blissfully meditate by shooting baskets at a playground. I also do standup comedy.

At some point, I stopped worrying about me. But I remained curious about something else:

I had a vague feeling that something, deep down, was still missing. I came to realize that almost everyone feels the same way.

I’ll sum it up with three questions:

Why can't we stay satisfied for very long?
Why is fear always in the back of our minds?
Is lasting happiness even possible?

Well, in my 30+ years of looking around, I haven’t seen it all, but I’ve seen a lot. This is what I know for sure:

It’s not only possible to live in lasting happiness without dissatisfaction and fear. It’s natural.

The solution boils down to one thing. When I discovered it, was so simple and obvious that I almost cried.

We have to do what I call, “Look the other way.”

What do I mean?

We “look” all day long. Observe, view, focus, concentrate, etc. We constantly direct our attention to something. It’s mostly the “outside” world, but also our thoughts and emotions.

It’s true in the wellness industry.

In talk therapy, you observe your thoughts, emotions and memories as a starting point for managing them.

In mindfulness, you pay total attention to what’s happening in the present moment. (Even Mindfulness magazine calls it, “Easier said than done.”)  

With most meditation methods, you focus on something: an object, image, memory, emotion, mantra, your breath, etc.

Statistically, meditation, talk therapy and mindfulness can be beneficial.

If they’re helping you, great. Keep it up. What I’ll teach you can complement them.

But consider this: Despite the ever-growing number of approaches to feeling better and pursuing happiness…

Happiness in the US peaked in the 1990s. It’s been falling in recent years.

Our society is failing at happiness – the one thing most us want above all, and what is also at the core of success!

How could that be? What have we missed? Haven’t we looked everywhere.

It’s simple. We’ve overlooked who is looking. We’ve placed our attention everywhere except who is paying attention, or you could say whatever it is within us that’s paying attention.

All we have to do is turn our focus around and Look the Other Way. The source of our focus is where your peace and happiness have been along.

I'm not talking about sorting out your mind and "issues." I'm also not suggesting doing anything different in life. You don't have to adopt or discard any beliefs. You don't even have to meditate. You subtly work this into your daily routine.

There are customized ways way of teaching it, including this program. But it’s been working for thousands of years.

Obviously, it hasn’t reached enough people. Fortunately, it has just reached you.

*        *        *

Try this 20-second glimpse

Pick an object across the room or out the window. Before you read the next paragraph, look at it intensely for roughly ten seconds. (Don't count.)

Now, ask yourself, “Who is it within me that knows I’m looking?” Take a moment and see what you experience.
(Don't label it.)

I wasn't trying to blow you away. If you noticed even the slightest difference, that's a good sign.

You’ve always known you’re able to observe what you’re doing, thinking or feeling while you’re doing it. The more you do that, the better. But it won't get you to lasting happiness.

But when you asked, “Who is it within me that knows I’m looking?”, you hopefully got a glimpse of a few of the many qualities of "Who" that is: Calm. Wise. Maybe the experience was comforting. That's probably about it.

But did that inner presence seem capable of getting stressed out, worried, frustrated or doubting itself? It's can't. It's unlike the mind. It has no problems, “issues” or dislikes. It’s peaceful, open and untouched by anything that has ever happened to you, or ever will.  

It's the essence of who you are: Lasting happiness, love and vast potential and creativity to exceed of your goals.

You’ve always known you have an positive essence, right? It's not hard to find or experience if you learn where to look.

This is the fastest, most pleasant way on the planet to attain lasting happiness and effortless success.

Exaggeration is not my nature. After three decades of exploring dozens of wellness approaches, I can assure you that nothing even comes close.

What is lasting happiness?
The absence of lack, and the absence of fear.

In the absence of lack and fear, you live on a spectrum with inner peace at one end, joy at the other and happiness in between. You can still do what you're doing with your career and life. But...

You feel fulfilled and complete whether or not things go as planned. You have unshakable inner peace even when facing life’s toughest challenges.

Anxiety and stress dissolve.
85% of what people worry about never happens. You know you can handle the other 15%. You'll stop stressing out and worrying.

Work becomes effortless, creative and fun.
Your productivity soars. Your capabilities expand. Focus, conflict resolution and collaboration become second nature. And success? Inevitable.

Your relationships become deeper and more meaningful. You're more attuned to other people's feelings -- family, friends and colleagues. You don't need them to make you feel "whole." Relationships become more "about them" in a good way. 

You still feel things deeply,
especially when facing loss or the suffering of others. But when you're anchored in lasting happiness, pain is short-lived and you're more helpful to others facing adversity.

Imagine this day...
  • You feel happy and fulfilled - more than yesterday, less than tomorrow.
  • You’re ahead of schedule on an air-tight plan to exceed all previous career and compensation goals
  • You’re in command of your thoughts and emotions – not the other way around.
  • You’ve aced your pitch or presentation, you’re on top of the small stuff, and you’re heading home early to be with your kids.
  • You’re impressing your colleagues, inspiring your team and easily resolving conflict.
  • You’re not worrying about what might happen because you’re engaged with what is happening.
  • The cashier at a convenience store smiles at you, and you realize even the smallest gestures have meaning.

About the Program:
Massive Change, Not Baby Steps

I don’t want to help you become slightly happier and a little more successful.

Think of the model for happiness in our culture as a computer program with many glitches and frozen screens.

Almost all of us use the model to some degree. But turn on the news. Look at people in your life. Observe how you feel hour-to-hour. People are not brimming over with happiness.

I don’t do maintenance or tune-ups for a model that's hopelessly broken. I help people using that model adopt a different operating system with a vastly superior user experience!

It strips away limitations you unconsciously place on yourself: On happiness, success, meaning, potential, relationships – everything you value most. 

This coaching program loosely draws from two ancient teachings. It strips away the customs and rituals that slow down results and feel obscure. It doesn’t ask you to believe in anything new or discard existing beliefs.  

Ironically,the general approach has existed for thousands of years. But it was little-used until resurfacing in the 20th century.  

The approach is growing quickly because it works incredibly quickly. It’s not time-consuming. There is no daily practice, like meditation or yoga. I love both, but they’re not necessary for peace, lasting happiness and effortless success.

With my background as a communications executive, a student of wellness for 30 years, and three years as a widely read wellness blogger at a wellness company, I’ve adapted the approach for 21st century business, and society.  
I teach and coach in a simple, down-to-earth way. I do amateur stand-up comedy in my spare time. I have found that the more my clients laugh, the faster they learn.

Why This Program Is Different
I’m guessing anything you’ve ever done in the pursuit of happiness required you to observe or focus on something specific.

Like body if you went jogging or did yoga. The words in a self-improvement book. Events in the present moment. An object or memory in meditation. Thoughts and emotions. That’s all good.

But this program is different because it Looks the Other Way. It turns your attention around and focuses on who or what within you is focusing.

This is not about focusing on thoughts and emotions. I also don’t mean your mind, self-identity, personality or “issues.”

I mean the essence of who you are. “The essential self.” Or just “awareness.”

Its nature – which is your nature – is lasting peace and happiness. Looking the Other Way enables effortless success. It also works wonders on your mind, self-identity, personality or issues without even talking about them.

“Wellness experts” of all kinds know the practical power of awareness. But almost all of them use it only as a tool to observe thoughts, emotions and many other things.

It’s useful for that. It works!I teach observing thoughts and emotions, too.

But utilizing awareness only as a tool is like using a diamond to file your nails!

This program teaches you how to experience awareness.The essence of you. The essence of life. The practical way you want to live your life.  

This program is mainstream, for senior professionals like I used to be in Corporate America.

Looking the Other Way turned my life upside down at point when I was already feeling great.

But I was going through what in spiritual circles is called “a gradual awakening to my true nature.” (A fancy name for lasting peace and happiness.) Looking the Other Way was the awakening equivalent of a triple espresso.

I’m not an enlightened guru. I’m still one of you, and I'll keep it that way. You'll see it's a good thing if we work together.


The program is broken down into…

1. Assess
Quantitative self-assessment
Your level of success in meeting professional and personal goals to date.Your strengths and what you want to improve.
What do you want to do with your life and career?
Be ready to answer, “Are you sure you want to aim so low?”
What’s the Meaning of Life to you?
This program doesn’t get bogged in the small stuff .😊
Who are you?
Who and what do you perceive yourself to be? Be ready to hear, “Is that it? You're so much more than that.”
2. Plan
12-month plan
We’ll create 12-month plan of action and chart out a long-term vision for your career and personal goals. But get ready to revise and improvise as you feel better and better.
A weekly review of what’s going on in the office, including situations on which you would like strategic or tactical advice.
3. Learn
The Delicate Arts of Business Life
The basics of conflict resolution, navigating office politics and strategically communicating what you do.
Optional topics: Time management, prioritization and problem solving.
Why Most Approaches to Lasting Happiness Fail or Take Forever

The Hidden Source of All Meaning

A Simple System for Mastering Control of Your Thoughts and Emotions

How to short-circuit stress, worry and self-doubt.

"Looking the Other Way" -- A Simple, Fast Approach for Discovering the True Source of Lasting Happiness and Effortless and Making It a Way of Life

Converting Lasting Happiness into Effortless Success

Take Action Today!


A Good Identity Crisis

Full disclosure: If you do this me, it’s probably going to cause an identity crisis. But it will be much better than a mid-life crisis.

You’ll have to examine who “You” really are.

Are you the “You” who may feel cheerful now, overwhelmed in a hour, frustrated tomorrow and pretty good for a few days until something goes “wrong" at the office?

Or are “You” the peaceful, happy, essence of something so magnificent that you can’t even put it into words?

If you’re up for that kind of identity crisis, we should talk.


After our 8 weeks together, you will feel happier and more optimistic
I cant promise you'll be jumping for joy every day in 8 weeks. But you'll have great momentum and a brighter future.
You will have knowledge and tools for amazingly fast results
You'll be equipped with essential tools for attaining lasting happiness and effortless success faster than with any other approach. All you have to do it use them!
Any honest coach or teacher will tell you that no single approach works for everyone. I have a Plans B, C, D, etc. No matter what, we’ll get you a great result.
We'll laugh and have fun!
In my spare time, I do amateur stand-up comedy. This is a serious program. But it won't be dry and boring.
You'll get words to live by
I’ll give you dozens of sentences or phrases (I call them reminders) you can use to get back on track when you’re feeling low or your mind goes astray.
Ask Yourself This
  • If you feel more stress and negativity than happiness and enjoyment, is that ok?
  • Do you sense your daily state of mind is hindering greater career success?
  • Are you falling short of being the boss, colleague, spouse, partner or parent you know you can be?

Lasting happiness is already within you. It goes hand-in-hand with success.

Stop waiting for one day – it’ll turn into never!

My clients thrive because they know “there is much more to life” is not just a cliché. They don’t settle for less; they commit to success.

Take action today.

The ONLY thing you need to do is decide. I’ll help you with the rest.

“Bruce doesn’t teach you to think positive as a temporary state of mind. He teaches you to feel positive - happy and fulfilled - as a way of life. Positive thinking comes naturally once you embrace what he's teaching and showing you. Bruce is also savvy and knows all the tricks of the trade in business, which was important, as I am a born skeptic. He helped me increase focus, productivity and a sense of purpose in my career, which led to more enjoyment in my life. There’s 30 years of wisdom, research and practice behind what he teaches, and believe me, you feel it."

Peter Colbert
Realtor, Compass
California Wine Country

“I worked with Bruce, sometimes around the clock, when he was the Communications Director at a leading technology firm. His skills in communication, conflict resolution, dealing with C-Suite executives and resourceful multi-tasking under intense pressure were something to see. He's a natural as an executive mentor. After he left and became President of MeaningOfLife.com, I saw a whole different side of him. He gave me a powerful framework for examining my life, and truly assessing what I want it to mean.

Lisa Aurichio
BSYA Associates, a communications company
Cranford, New Jersey

“I have struggled throughout my life with pervasive negative thoughts. Bruce gave me simple, effective tools that I use to transform my mood and feel better immediately. I’m not usually a consumer of “self help,” but I’d recommend working with Bruce to anyone. What he will teach you is truly transformational. It can improve how you feel, think and work every day.”

Laura Welch
Principal Strategist
LGW Enterprises, LLC
Advanced Systems and Engineering

“It is so easy to become derailed by our own negative thoughts and conditioned behavior in work and life, and very challenging to get back on track. Bruce gave me vital tools, techniques and advice that have given me greater tranquility, happiness and wellness.”

Michael L. Sinkin DDS
New York, NY