What's the Meaning of Life?

What's the Meaning of Life?

It would be mighty presumptuous of me to tell you what the meaning of your life should be to you! I think it's a personal decision.

But whatever you choose as your life’s purpose - whether it's helping others, raising great kids, becoming fabulously wealthy, or something else - I’ll guess it’s what make you happiest.

Meaning doesn't just come from something to do, a purpose to fulfill. Meaning is something we feel. It’s an essential ingredient in happiness and all positive emotions.

That’s why there’s no such thing as “meaningless love.”

The more we increase our level of happiness, the more meaning we find in work, parenthood, relationships, activities, even casual conversations.

Statistics show that happiness also increases success and earning power. Happiness, meaning and success are all connected.

You can shine by your own inner light...

...that infinite source of peace and happiness within you.

That's what this site and our workshop and coaching programs are here to help you with through the simplest, fastest approach you will ever find.

Approaches like this are simple to do. They're just very hard to find. Fortunately, this one just found you.