Learn the simple, essential secret to lasting happiness, stress-free success and spiritual awakening.

In this 3-hour workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Feel happy, complete and at peace, whether things go as planned or not 
  • Master controlling your thoughts and emotions so they don’t control you
  • Stop living in fear
  • Prevent or short-circuit stress, worry and self-doubt
  • End loneliness by always feeling connected to people and your surroundings
  • Take a fascinating look at the Meaning of Life
  • Get the life you deserve!

About the MeaningofLife.com
Living with Joyful Purpose and Lasting Happiness Workshop

Feeling happy and complete, eliminating loneliness and fear, mastering control of your thoughts and emotions…

If you’re skeptical that you can learn all of that and more in a 3-hour workshop, you’re smart. But here's the thing:

Reverse Mindfulness for Lasting Happiness is like a one-stop shop. Many workshops focus on improving one thing, like managing stress, or improving conflict resolution or presentation skills.

That’s good. But to use a computer analogy, they're basically improving one of glitchy computer program.

Learning Reverse Mindfulness is like upgrading your operating systems by several versions; say, 2.0 to 6.0. All programs run faster, more smoothly and more efficiently.

Reverse Mindfulness gives you a much stronger emotional foundation to improve stress management, conflict resolution and presentation skills, without a specific focus on them. If we were to get additional training in those skills, that stronger foundation would make the training even more effective.

You aren’t going to get the full effects of Reverse Mindfulness in three hours! But you’ll have the tools that you need to feel better right away and make rapid progress. I’m always here to answer follow-up questions. If you’d like more help, I also do one-hour individual sessions upon request.

Here's what else you'll learn...

  • The most shocking thing Sigmund Freud ever said
  • The simple secret to true optimism
  • The worst thing you do 100 times a day — and how happy you'll be when you stop
  • The world's most effective emotion—and how to put it to work (Hint: It isn't love)
  • The one thing you must stop taking for granted
  • How the mind tricks you into solving the wrong "problems" — and how to tackle the right ones